Adhesive Metal Roofing System – Why You Should Use StealthBond®


Adhesive-based metal roofing installation system from StealthBond® is easy to install and totally eliminates exposed fasteners that penetrate metal roofing panels.

Traditional 5V Crimp metal roofing installation requires thousands of screws to fasten the roofing panels to the decking, which means thousands of surface penetrations. Not only can screw fasteners cause unsightly oil-canning or dimpling, but they can back out of the metal panels, leaving your customers with holes and potential maintenance related issues.

Here is how it works:

The StealthConnector®, a specially designed metal strapping, is laid across and then secured to the roof decking. Next, the StealthBond® Adhesive is applied to the StealthConnector®. Finally, the StealthBond® Metal Roofing Panels are laid into the adhesive and adhere securely to the roof. Watch an installation video.

Become a dealer:

Become a StealthBond® Dealer and have access to a specialized training program. All StealthBond® Dealers are carefully trained and authorized. Dealers receive on-site training to learn exactly how the system works, from unloading the components, to installing the StealthConnector®, to working with StealthBond® adhesive. We also provide marketing materials, selling sheets, exclusive access to our dealer intranet and more.

Learn more about becoming a StealthBond® dealer.

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