A Week at METALCON – Charlotte, NC


By Roof Hugger.

Roof Hugger’s Dale and Jan Nelson, DJ Highnote, and Mark James attended METALCON 2018 along with Robert Baker and Duane Sailors of the LSI Group, Inc.

Attendance at METALCON was good, and the show floor was different from previous years with a center theater/stage where nonstop presentations and educational sessions were conducted over the three days of the show.

Over at the MCA National Metal Roofing Championship Games booth, our Mark James coordinated all of the competition for the Championship Title to be presented on Friday morning.

Celebrating its 5th Annual metal roofing competition, the MCA Metal Roofing Championship Games were held October 10-12 at METALCON in Charlotte, NC. As hoped for, the MCA Games created excitement, made some familiar metal construction sounds and managed to draw a crowd each day during the competition. Charlotte being the home of NASCAR, the Game’s theme this year was appropriately named the “Rev ‘Em Up” National Championship Roofing Games at the Charlotte Metal Speedway.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Teams from several notable metal construction contracting companies competed for cash awards.  On Friday, the two teams with the most collective points from Wednesday and Thursday’s competition, returned to compete for the $2,000 Grand Cash Award and the title of “MCA METALCON 2018 National Metal Roofing Champion”.

 Wednesday, October 10 winners:

Team 2 – Thomas Phoenix International, Easthampton, New Jersey, Matt Cox, and Justin Hopta.

This team was the returning National Champions from last year in Las Vegas. They won all of the challenges on Wednesday against some very fierce competitors. Their Daily Points totaled 249 versus the runner up at 228 points. Cox and Hopta took home a total of $3,250 for their winnings on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 11 winners:

Team 3 – Thomas Phoenix International, East Hampton, New Jersey, Joe Allen and Mike Milligan.

Allen and Milligan won Challenges 1, 2 and 3, plus daily points award racking up 239 points. Their take home winnings for the day was $2,250.

Other Challenge winners of $500 each were German Mendoza and Carlos Rodriguez (yellow shirts) with Lafave’s Construction, Inc. of Landis, NC and Joe Prisk and Craig Swanberg with Dan Perkins Construction of Ishpeming, Michigan. Total Cash Awards were $3,250.00

So, going into the Face-off competition on Friday were the two teams from Thomas Phoenix International, actually the same as it was in the Las Vegas 2017 Games.

Friday, October 12 winner and 2018 Metal Roofing Games National Champions:

Team 2 – Thomas Phoenix International, East Hampton, New Jersey, Matt Cox, and Justin Hopta.

They won the National Championship Title and the $2,000 Cash Award. Total cash award prizes for the event were $8,500.

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