3 Things Go Roof Tune Up Inspects on The Roof During Inspection


By Go Roof Tune Up.

Every roof goes through a lot in the course of a year – from heat to storms to debris blowing.

Giving your customers a Go Roof Tune Up is never a bad idea. You can ensure their roofing is good to go for another year or head off major damage with small repairs. Here are three things that get inspected during the tune up.

  1. Shingle Deterioration

Shingles are long lasting and durable, but they are going to get old and worn out eventually. The tune up includes a thorough shingle inspection where inspectors will look for curling, splitting, torn, or lifted shingles. Some of these things can be fixed before they become a bigger problem.

  1. Tree Placement

Tree branches that encroach upon a home can scratch the roof, gouge materials, and place a lot of leaves and debris on top of the home. The inspection includes a look at trees that might be overhanging the house and suggest which should be cut back. Leaves lying on the roof could even cause gutter blockage, mold, and other damage.

  1. Gutter Inspection

Gutters are an integral part of the way the home operates during a rainstorm. They move the water away from the home and keep its foundation and the house safe. If they are blocked, peeling away from the house, or not working in another way, they’re a danger to permanent damage. The inspection will carefully take a look at every gutter to ensure proper function.

It’s always nice to have a roof in good shape, but after years of use, things are bound to go wrong. Contact Go Roof Tune Up to find out how you can offer these full inspections to your customer to ensure they are ready for another year of protection.

It’s easier for your clients to take care of small repairs now than it is to wait and have major leaks or other issues pop up later. Go Roof Tune Up provides a thorough inspection with high experience to catch big or small potential problems on any roofing system.

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