3 Benefits of Aluminum Soffit


Even though many homes do have soffit installed, many homeowners aren’t completely aware of what it is. If you look up at your homes eaves, or even the eaves of most commercial buildings, you’ll see a material covering what would have been exposed beams. This is soffit.

Soffit is both functional and aesthetic in nature. For the most part, homes look much more attractive and finished with soffit installed. However, soffit also helps protect these beams and rafter from the weather. Soffit can be solid or it can be vented, which is a popular route and aids in helping with overall ventilation to prevent mold or moisture issues.

Although soffit can be made out of various types of materials, aluminum soffit is becoming a much more popular choice and offered by more roofers than ever before.

Here are 3 major benefits of choosing aluminum soffit for residential and even commercial use.  

Aluminum Soffit is Flexible and Easier to Install

One reason aluminum soffit is a favorite material choice for home contractors is that it is easier to install. Aluminum, by nature, is more flexible and malleable than wood, plastics, or other metals (like steel). This flexibility makes it ideal for homes with extreme or frequent rake changes and for working on gable ends. Soffit around attics is also easier with aluminum.

Even though a softer material may seem an unwise or even weaker choice, it is really quite the opposite. The more forgiving ¬†nature of aluminum soffit allows for a much tighter seal and a more straightforward installation process overall. Another benefit is that the flexible nature of aluminum also means that having it installed in colder weather isn’t a concern as it would be with more rigid materials. Aluminum can handle temperatures much more easily.

Aluminum Soffit is More Durable and Long Lasting than Other Materials

Naturally the more durable and long lasting a material is, the better investment it is. Despite aluminum being softer and more flexible, it’s actually an extremely durable choice for soffit. As previously mentioned, aluminum can handle thermal cycles better than other materials. Aside from that, aluminum is an obvious deterrent for wildlife that would like to make a home in your rafters. Aluminum is quite low-risk when it comes to potential pest damage.

Aluminum soffit also need less maintenance. Painted wood is still a pretty common choice for soffit, and even though it can look attractive, it requires a lot of maintenance in the form of repainting and regular inspections to spot mold or moisture damage. Pests can also chew through wood soffit quite easily.

Aluminum Soffit is an Eco-Friendly Material Choice

The eco-conscious movement will only continue to grow in the world of architecture and construction, so moving towards more eco-friendly materials is important. Aluminum is an ideal choice for green homes as it is 100% recyclable. Recycled aluminum reduces pollution and doesn’t create dangerous toxins. Also, the low maintenance needs of aluminum as discussed above means aluminum soffit reduces or eliminates waste in the form of paint or chemical cleaners.

Another interesting way aluminum soffit is a green choice is that it helps with reducing energy costs within the home. Vented aluminum soffit helps circulate air effectively, which means your HVAC system is going to perform more efficiently. This actually reduces strain on the system and thereby reduces your electric bill.

Overall aluminum soffit offers more advantages and an easier installation process than more traditional materials. It is well-worth the investment to have aluminum soffit installed since it’s going to outlast and maintain a clean look for longer than organic materials.

Source: www.askaroofer.com =>3 Benefits of Aluminum Soffit


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