23 Marketing Mistakes Roofers Make – Mistake #3 – Jumping Into Adwords without Understanding 


23 Marketing Mistakes Roofers Make – Mistake #3 – Jumping Into Adwords without Understanding 

By Art Unlimited. 

Working in the roofing industry for over a decade has allowed Art Unlimited the opportunity to identify the dead giveaways that hurt a business’s marketing. Each week, we’ll be sharing those common mistakes.  

Mistake #3 – Jumping Into Adwords Without Understanding
Adwords is Google’s pay per click advertising. When you Google something, ads automatically come up first in the search results. One might say, “Hey, that’s an easy way to make sure my business comes up first. Let’s do it!” While Adwords is definitely a place to gain traction with customers in the roofing industry, doing it without a lot of knowledge can be incredibly expensive, and have little to no ROI. The horror stories are real, people! 

The bottom line of Adwords is bidding on keywords. This can be tricky because the cost of keywords can vary widely depending on what location you are in. High population areas will usually turn up higher costs for similar words than in lower population areas. You want to make sure you are targeting the correct keywords before you jump into using this tool, or you could be losing more money than it’s worth.  

Before you start using AdWords, think about these things: 

  • You should have clearly defined goals: What are you using AdWords for? Leads? Brand building? To get people to buy something? 
  • Figure out your audience’s preferences. What kind of device are they using? When are they actively online? What gender are they? What county or zip code do they live in? 
  • Utilize keyword research. You want to bid on keywords that are not only applicable to your business, but are the words people are actually using to search for your business. Keyword tools will help you find the keywords that offer the most bang for your buck.  
  • Set your budget, and limit yourself to only bidding on those words within your budget.  
  • Spend your budget on keywords that convert at a high rate, and remove low-performing keywords to avoid spending on worthless ventures. 
  • Make sure your ads and corresponding landing pages have high quality content. Ads should be laid out according to Google’s rules for maximum reach. They should be attached to a landing page on your website that has equally relevant content. 
  • Track your ads conversion rates. This is critical to make sure you are bidding on the correct keywords.  
  • Connect your Adwords account to your Google Analytics to track goal conversions. 
  • For the love of all that is good, DO NOT use Adwords until you have a mobile-friendly site! It’s just a rough time, and nobody wins except Google. Because Google will take your money all day long and not shed a tear if you don’t get leads. 
  • Monitor your campaigns regularly. This is vital to ensure you are not overspending or putting money towards the wrong keywords.  
  • Consistently test and adjust the wording of your ads.  
  • Consistently test and adjust your landing page wording to ensure that the action you are requesting of your user is clear. This will reduce your bounce rate, and, in turn, can lower the cost you pay for ads.

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