2019. Wow. How did we get here so fast?


RCS Influencer Wendy Marvin says that she starts each year by looking back at the previous year and prioritizing opportunities for the coming year.

Looking back:  We start off our new year by looking back at the old, celebrating our victories and evaluating our challenges.  It’s a good review process for any business.  We accomplish this in a modified SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) that allows us the freedom to look at both internal and external arenas.

Prioritizing:  After analyzation comes discussions about our opportunities (previous challenges).  Specifically, identification of which of the opportunities represent our top priorities, and which we should keep close in the background, should the year progress rapidly.  This is also time to realign the company.  To be laser focused on our stated mission and to assure that any proposed changes are in line with our mission.  We also work on goal setting and team building.  Each department will be setting their own benchmarks.

One top priority for 2018 that will carry over into 2019, is the installation and perfection of our new Customer Relationship System.  After the use of several companies in the market, we found each one lacking in some specific functionality we needed.   We finally decided just to create our own.  This has been a long process and we began BETA testing in late 2018.  Our focus in 2019, will be to use the system, constantly seeking feedback from both customers and employees, and to tweak our system until it works exceptionally well for all involved.

Looking ahead:

  • Labor and shortages – We will continue to refine our employee management and engagement processes. Now, more than ever, we need to identify and implement ways to maintain the employees we already invested in.  We also research new ways to draw potential employees, and ways to scrutinize them, to assure we’re bringing the right people into our culture.
  • Technology integration – As we beef up our new computer program, we’re also pursuing our flight classes to launch a new drone estimator. Continued involvement in the RT3 (Roofing Technology Think Tank) will also be a priority so we stay ahead of industry advancements. 
  • Changing marketplace – As the home market begins to slow, we are looking for ways to diversify our company. We recently launched our Home Solutions/Handyman division after years of pressure from our existing customers.  For 2019, we’ll be analyzing and watching this new division closely, to get it properly dialed in and to position ourselves within the marketplace.

We’re also looking for more ways to engage with our existing customers.  Beefing up our Maintenance Division and offering ProTips are just a couple of our ideas so far that are on the implementation board. More to come!

  • Industry involvement– With our commitment to the roofing industry, our 2019 employees will continue to seek out ways to participate in growth opportunities. Western States, International Roofing Expo, Best of Success and other trade events are invaluable ways to achieve personal and professional growth and to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Community involvement: 2018 gave us a humbling experience: installing our first No Roof Left Behind roof.  Our deserving family was such a gift, and our hearts were full upon completion.  For 2019 we’re doubling down, to install 2 roofs, both with a focus on local veterans who are in need.  Community is very important to our entire Matrix family.

Overall, 2019 brings a host of opportunities, some work left to be done, and the continued joy of being a part of an organization that I helped to create.  I feel blessed to be where we are, and I feel unbridled joy as I think about what the future brings.  2019 is going to be AMAZING.

Wendy Marvin is CEO of Matrix Roofing. See her full bio here.

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