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June Member News from the North East Roofing Contractors Association

Massachusetts and NFPA to Require Hot Works Training Statewide.

In an email to those currently registered as hot works trainers, the NFPA announced that Massachusetts has recently amended their state fire prevention regulations to require anyone performing hot work to have successfully completed the NFPA program.

The NFPA also stated that they would be setting up a database for verifying who has completed the training requirements. Starting on June 18, 2018, the database will be available at ww.nfpa.org/hotwork-lookup where users can find the first and last name, city/town and state of residence, certificate number, and successful exam date. The database will not include information on people who have taken the class but have not passed the exam or earned their certificate.

For those who have already passed the course, no action is required, but for those who haven’t, they will have until July 1, 2018 to comply.

NERCA is a certified hot works training provider with the help of Contractors Risk Management (CRM). We would be happy to offer an additional hot works course if there is sufficient interest. If any of our members require training, please contact the Association office or email jferrante@nerca.org.

OSHA Crane Certification Rule Amended

OSHA has issued a new proposal to revise testing and qualification requirements for crane operators. This was a response to widespread opposition to the proposed rule which would have required operators to be certified on every type of crane they would be operating including for individual capacities.

Critics said the rule which would have become effective in November 2018 created unrealistic certification mandates and prevented employers from determining the qualifications of their operators. Among the concerns were an OSHA requirement that operators be certified based on the type of crane and lifting capacity.

The original rule also stated that with certification, an operator would necessarily be qualified to operate a crane. Opponent argued that certification alone did not qualify an operator, but that experience, and advanced training are also necessary. The proposed changes leave it to employers to determine who is qualified. Employers have argued that qualified operators require more training and experience than a certification course can provide.

Therefore, the new rule adds specific training and recordkeeping requirements for employers’ qualification programs. The current standards require training but don’t specify training requisites. The proposal details the minimum skills and knowledge an operator needs in order for the employer to declare the operator is qualified. The requirements include the ability to perform hoists and use software and safety devices to determine lifting capacity and needed counterweights. In addition, the employer must document the evaluation in writing, including the make, model, and configuration of the crane used to judge the operator’s abilities.

OSHA is aiming to issue a final rule in time for new requirements to take effect on Nov. 10. The proposal acknowledges OSHA might not be able to meet that goal if the final rule is issued after July. The public has through July 5 to comment on the recommendations.

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Why Aerial Imagery Resolution Matters

Nearmap VP of field operations, Sanchit Agarwal, touts the benefits of high-resolution aerial maps for visual analysis.

Most are enamored with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant—and why not? They’re always on and provide answers to our pressing questions whenever we want. But, few of us take time to appreciate the wonder of artificial intelligence. Advanced computing logic is impressive by itself, but so is the mind-boggling amount of deep data it analyzes. In fact, one could argue that advanced algorithms mean nothing without current, high-quality, relevant data. Mapping tools that aim to help users understand a location without actually being there are no different. They depend on high-definition aerial imagery that shows current, clear ground conditions in order to produce meaningful insights.

In Earth Imaging Journal’s article entitled “Why Aerial Imagery Resolution Matters,” Nearmap vice president of field operations, Sanchit Agarwal, explains how new forms of HD aerial maps are transforming the way professionals across many industries work:

“Today, with easy access to scalable high definition mapping content, anyone can utilize the power of maps in applications that extend far beyond directions and navigation. There are two essential attributes of aerial maps driving this transformation – image resolution, and model density. Today, most users are applying low-resolution satellite images that lack the detail needed for accurate decisions. But as resolution increases, the imagery becomes more detailed, the visualizations, more vivid. Ground features have gone from fuzzy satellite photos to clearly identifiable homes, buildings, roads, lakes and more – all captured using powerful cameras that have found the perfect pixel. With high-resolution comes added benefit.

With high-resolution imagery comes the ability to model reality creating real-life visualizations available for engineers, planners, construction teams and others. These models of landscapes, cities and neighborhoods are portrayed inside design tools and mapping systems saving the analyst countless days of traveling to the site.”

Read the full article on Earth Imaging Journal.

See your project in Nearmap.

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Sign Me Up for No Construction – A Residential Roof Repair

What happens when a stucco wall terminates right at the flat roofline? I think we all know it usually causes chronic leaking.

Picture this. A beautiful modern Laguna Beach home nestled on the hillside with vast Pacific Ocean views. Yet, every window this homeowner looks out, he sees another one of his leaky, unappealing tar and gravel roof systems that wasn’t appropriately constructed when the house was built. It immediately reminds him of the thousands and thousands of dollars he will be spending on construction to get his stucco wall terminations demolished and rebuilt. He’s seen the proposals not from one contractor, but from many. That is until he meets Alan Stovesand from Pacific Roofing Systems and reads a proposal that meets all his construction-less long-term needs.

The Stats:

  • Type: Residential Home
  • Scope & Size: 2,000 Square Feet of Spudded Rock Flat Roof and Sloped Metal Roof

“When this homeowner approached us, we were one of a few different contractors who had inspected the property and had an opportunity to propose a solution,” Alan explains. “The problem was we had to overcome a series of multilevel flat roofs and stucco walls that terminated right at the flat roof level. As all the contractors and roofers out there know, when done properly, the walls should terminate 6 inches above the roof with a metal weep screed that allows the water to weep out above the roofline and onto the roof, which is a standard waterproofing practice. This home, however, had a tar and gravel roof with nowhere for the moisture to weep out to, and the homeowner didn’t want to open up and rework all the stucco terminations of his beautiful modern home.”

To avoid construction, Alan knew that using SureCoat was the solution. Out of all the other proposals this homeowner saw, Pacific Roofing Systems was the one that he chose because they offered a long-term, cost-effective solution. Alan and his team started by removing all the loose gravel, spudding the roof – extracting all of the rock – and worked to get the roof surface as smooth as they possibly could. They then cleaned the remaining roof surface with SureSkrub, the biodegradable SureCoat roof cleaner, to prep the surface for installation. The last obstacle faced was getting around the City of Laguna Beach and the “no white roof” regulations. The homeowner chose to install a tan SureCoat roof from the select color variations.

By offering the SureCoat solution, Alan saves this customer a ton of money by not having to do any demolition or construction, provided him the monolithic waterproof roof he needed, met city regulations and saved his beautiful Pacific Ocean views.

This homeowner is nearly two years into his 10-Year Renewable Energy Efficient SureCoat Roof System with no leaks and a roof just as beautiful as the day it was installed.

To learn more about the SureCoat Roof System or if you’re ready to price out your next project, call or click today! 877-8 BE SURE – www.SureCoatSystems.com

Editor’s note: This project profile originally published on SureCoat System’s blog and can be viewed here.

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A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply Opens Tennessee Location

A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply announced the grand opening of its newest location in Milan, Tennessee. This opening increases its network to 15 metal deck distribution centers to better serve the construction industry.

“This location will help us serve our customers in the region including Western Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi,” said Nick V. Polizzi, President of A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply. “When a customer has a short lead time or a roofing contractor runs into rusted deck while replacing a leaking roof, they need metal deck right now, and we have it in stock for immediate use.”

A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply has more than 48 years of experience in the industry and a complete inventory of metal roof deck, form deck and composite floor decks in stock now at 15 locations including Albany, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; Aurora, Ilinois; Columbus, Ohio; Fort Worth, Texas; Greensboro, North Carolina; Hagerstown, Maryland; Houston, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Jacksonville, Florida; Kansas City, Missouri; Knoxville, Tennessee; Milan, Tennessee; San Antonio, Texas; and St. Louis, Missouri.

For more information, visit www.metaldecksupply.com.

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Alliance Awards $55,000 in Scholarships Through Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress has announced the recipients of its 2018 Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarships, which include three new recipients and the renewal of eight scholarships for the 2018-19 academic year.

The Alliance awarded new general scholarships to Elaina Krumholz, daughter of Erik Krumholz, sales representative for Tremco Inc., Beachwood, Ohio’ and John Paynter, son of Bill Paynter, manufacturer representative for Duro-Last Roofing, Saginaw, Michigan.

A new Firestone Scholarship also was awarded to Cameron Tickerhoff, son of Joshua Tickerhoff, foreman for Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc., Wheeling, West Virginia.

The Alliance also renewed eight Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarships, including two general scholarships to Nicolas Calvert, who attends West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, and Jonah Manson, who attends Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.

In addition, a Firestone Scholarship was renewed for Alyssa Merna, who attends Olivette Nazarene University, Bourbonnais, Illinois. A Beacon Roofing Supply Scholarship was renewed for Salvador Flores Garcia, who attends University of California Berkley, Berkley, California. An OMG Roofing Products Inc. Scholarship was renewed for Lillian McKenzie, who attends Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina. A Dan Cohen Scholarship was renewed for Christian Cole, who attends Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia. A Fred Good Scholarship also was renewed for Ivy Rivas, who attends University of California Davis, Davis, California. A William A. Good Scholarship was renewed for Sophie McGuire, who attends University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Each recipient will receive a $5,000 award. Awards are renewable for up to three years of undergraduate study or until a bachelor’s degree is earned provided recipients renew annually and maintain a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or the equivalent).

A total of $55,000 in scholarships was awarded for the 2018-19 school year — $40,000 for renewals and $15,000 for new recipients. To date, 125 students have received $790,000 in scholarship awards.

For more information, visit www.roofingindustryalliance.net.

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Atlas Roofing Corporation Announces Partnership With HOVER

Atlas Roofing Corporation has announced a new partnership with HOVER, the platform that generates accurate, interactive 3D models of any property. Atlas Roofing’s shingle product lines will now be available within the HOVER platform, allowing its customer base even more flexibility when it comes to customer engagement and project estimation.

Atlas will integrate multiple roofing products, featuring Scotchgard Protector from 3M, into the HOVER platform. These products include: Atlas Pinnacle Pristine with the all-new Natural Expressions color palette, StormMaster Shake, StormMaster Slate, Legend Designer 3-tab shingles and GlassMaster Shingles.

“We are excited to have our product offering represented within the HOVER platform, providing our contractors with a powerful interface to grow their businesses and engage homeowners,” says Stan Bastek, Director of Marketing and Sales Development at Atlas Roofing.

“HOVER allows contractors to use their time more strategically by eliminating the guesswork of visualizing different product options on the 3D model of a customer’s actual home,” explains Spencer Warden, Director of Partnerships at HOVER.

In addition to the interactive 3D model, HOVER also provides contractors with all of the detailed exterior measurements needed for an accurate estimate. This means time that was previously spent hand-measuring exterior projects can now be used to focus on the project details and establish greater relationships with customers.

HOVER is available in the App Store and Google Play. Users can try out their first property for free.

For more information, visit AtlasRoofing.com.

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Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance Launches YouTube Channel for Commercial Roofing Contractors

The channel contains brief instructional videos showing solutions to common and unusual rooftop problems.

Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance announced today it has launched YouTube channel, “Contractor Corner by Corey,” in support of commercial roofing contractors, demonstrating in-field techniques to help roofing projects run more productively.

“Contractor Corner By Corey,” hosted by Tremco Roofing Contractor Support Specialist (CSS) and former commercial roofer Corey Johnston, contains brief instructional videos showing solutions to common and unusual rooftop problems: the first three videos cover patching splits that are underwater, sealing metal roof fasteners quickly and with minimal waste, and smoothly installing three course mesh details.

“Working so closely with contractors, we understand the headaches they can have on a job,” said JK Milliken, Tremco Roofing’s Vice President of Products, R&D and Technical Solutions. “Fortunately, our extremely skilled team of Contractor Support Specialists in the U.S and Canada has the expertise to make the pain disappear. Combining their experience with the inventive solutions that CSS’s like Corey Johnston develop from dealing with hands-on, real-life roofing situations, together with our sales representatives and field technicians, we believe we can help contractors solve any problem they run into.

“We thought it was our responsibility to share these great resources with the entire industry, and our new YouTube channel is a perfect place to do so.”

The company’s goal is for the channel to become a go-to source for a wide variety of training, with at least one video added monthly. “We want our videos to address the pressing needs of commercial roofing contractors, so we encourage contractors to tell us what problems they face, what they want training on most,” said Milliken. “This channel is not about what we want, it’s about how we can help you be more successful.”

About Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance

Headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance helps manage building life cycles for customers in education, healthcare, sports, government, manufacturing and many other industries. Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance is a division of Tremco Incorporated, which has been in business since 1928; we work closely with Tremco Incorporated subsidiary WTI, which provides general contracting and roofing services, and Canam Building Envelope Specialists, which provides air barrier analysis and solutions. www.tremcoroofing.com

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RCS is Reporting from the Road

By Heidi J. Ellsworth, Partner RoofersCoffeeShop.com.

Heidi J. Ellsworth’s Roofing Road Trip Blog.

Vickie has asked me to start this blog. For those of you who do not know me, I have been lucky enough to be friends with Vickie for over twenty years. So many of you who are on the site have been loyal to Vickie since she first started Roofers Exchange in the early 80s.  I found her in 1993 when I was a marketing coordinator with Malarkey Roofing. I oversaw advertising and one of our best places to advertise was in the Roofers Exchange.

In 2000, I had started my own marketing firm, HJE Marketing and Vickie called saying, “Hey, we need to take the Roofers Exchange onto the web.” She asked me to help and from that RoofersCoffeeShop.com was born. In 2015, she gave me the greatest honor of asking me to be her partner. So here we are in 2018 and I can honestly say that Vickie and I are so happy.  Working with our husbands, Mick Sharples and Tim Ellsworth, Karen Edwards our editor and very good friend and our amazing RCS team, we are watching the Coffee Shop grow in front of our eyes.

But it is because of all of you that we are growing! The contractors and roofing industry professionals who visit our site everyday to conduct business, learn and honestly have some fun. That brings me back to what Vickie has asked me to do. I travel a lot. I am involved in all parts of the roofing industry and love it SO much! I am supported every day by Vickie saying, “Heidi, go out there and get to know every roofing person you can.” Followed by, “And you need to write about it. We need a Heidi blog and let’s call it Roofing Road Trips.” And so, it will be done, because Vickie says it will be.

My first blog will follow this introduction, so watch for it. Thank you for being a part of the Coffee Shop and loving the roofing industry as much as Vickie and I do. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you. If you would like RCS to visit your association, business or event, please let us know. You never know where our road trips may lead.

From the road,


Heidi Ellsworth is owner of HJE Consulting Group and a partner in RoofersCoffeeShop®. See her full bio here.

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MRCA Safety Awards and ELITE Contractor Program

Elite Contractor and Safety Awards – The new and improved online application process is now available!

Many MRCA Members have taken their Safety Programs to the next level and used their ELITE Status to set them apart from their competition.

Here is what one MRCA Member had to say about his experience with the program:

“The feedback that we received was invaluable to the advancement of our Safety and Risk Management Program. Through the application process alone, we gained improved awareness of several emerging risk management issues that we were not addressing in our own program.”

– David Maxwell, Construction Manager, Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.- Nashville, TN

Click here to apply for this beneficial program

Application deadline: July 1, 2018

For questions or assistance, please contact Megan Miller at mmiller@mrca.org or at 800-497-6722

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FlashCo Becomes Exclusive U.S. Partner for Thaler Roof Accessory Specialty Products

FlashCo Manufacturing, Inc. recently entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with Thaler Metal Industries Ltd. Canada. FlashCo will be marketing and selling the Thaler roof accessory specialty product lines including drains, flashings and vents to the United States market. FlashCo and Thaler offer a complementary set of roof flashing products for the

roofing industry. FlashCo is a market leader in low slope, single-ply flashings and steep slope lead flashings. Thaler has been an innovator and market leader in spun metals including the development of one of the first retrofit drain solutions, according to the company.

FlashCo will immediately begin marketing and selling Thaler products through its distribution and partner network in the United States. FlashCo is currently incorporating the Thaler roof drains, stack jack flashings, gravity vents and relief vents into its existing product lines. The addition of the Thaler products enhances FlashCo’s market leadership in the re-roof and new construction markets.

“We have been talking for several months now,” says Greg Morrow, FlashCo President. “The

synergies are tremendous, not just from a product standpoint, but also from a business standpoint. Thaler, like FlashCo, puts a strong emphasis on speed and customer satisfaction. We knew that it was a good fit on the product and people sides.”

“FlashCo is an ideal partner for us,” explained Joe Magistrale, Thaler General Manager. “We have straight-forward objectives to make and sell quality products, however we know we can’t do this alone. We’ve tried other US partnerships in the past, but working with FlashCo we can already tell will be different. FlashCo’s footprint throughout the entire US is very important to us, and we see action that tells us they are very serious about making this successful. We anticipate making a shockwave across the US with our new FlashCo partnership.”

Thaler holds numerous patents for its innovative products including its RDX30 retrofit drain.

According to the company, Thaler’s pioneering design enables the RDX30 to be installed 10 times faster than other drains without the need for tools, or cutting. The RDX30 features Thaler’s patented SuperSeal (expansion seal) technology that is critical in preventing leaks caused by backflow pressure. In addition, the SuperSeal keeps the Thaler drain clear of the obstructions found in mechanically sealed systems. Thaler’s SuperSeal design advantages enable the RDX30 to drain 30 percent faster than other drains in the market and also eliminates debris build-up in the drain body pipe.

“Our business philosophy focuses on researching market needs, designing innovative solutions and producing products that provide longer life than any others on the market,” adds Mr. Magistrale. “In FlashCo we have found a like-minded partner who delivers quality products and has an outstanding direct sales and support team. We are very excited about what this partnership will produce.”

“For FlashCo, it’s the opportunity to partner with another industry leader,” says Mr. Morrow. “Thaler is the original designer of numerous product innovations and their drains, flashings and vents adds complementary products to our existing lines. We expect the Thaler products to sell quite well here in the US and it’s a great honor for us to have the opportunity to be Thaler’s exclusive partner here in the States.”

For more information, visit www.FlashCoMfg.com or www.ThalerMetal.com.

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